Monday, February 2, 2009

I think I have screwed up DNA...

I have concluded I have screwed up DNA...either that or I am just not your typical female. Maybe I look female, but I'm really some strange being from another universe? What has me wondering about my DNA? Let's lay it out: Courtney (yes, we're typing in the third person since we're not really sure what Courtney is) is about to send a prospective date eatery places to meet on Saturday. She signs into the"fake" gmail account (I would NEVER give out my real one without doing a complete background check) and sees the contact list on the left hand side. Who is in this contact list you ask? MEN! No WOMEN! (granted it was my dating account, but STILL). I sit there for five, yes FIVE minutes remembering who each one of them are, how I met them, where we went, how many times we went out, and how far it all went! Then I begin to recall the MANY and I mean NUMEROUS amounts of guys I have dated in the past two years alone!! There is something wrong with me. I mean, out of the probably hundreds of gentlemen I've dated and not ONE worked out? Seriously...messed up DNA.

I have come to this conclusion; I will end up like Samantha. When I am 40 something years old, I will look FABULOUS while sleeping with a 20 something year old brown hair, blue eye CHILD. That is how it will turn out.

Oh, and I will have a cat....LOTS of cats.

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