Friday, February 20, 2009

Giggly Thighs

As many of you know or probably don't know, I have become dedicated to my On Demand Exercise TV workouts. I figure it's cheaper than the gym and I do not have to bundle up, to un-bundle, to re-bundle to go back home. Well, by no means do I have the perfect body and, yes, I admit, one of my flaws in my somewhat giggly thighs. Unlike the anorexic females with no body fat, body muscle, or really anything but lots of skin, my thighs TOUCH each other and giggle when I move.

The other day, I decide to try Jillian Michael's new workout. If you've never done an exercise video, you need to know that there are at least two super thin, super muscular girls with extraordinary abs to assist in these videos. I think they pose them there to encourage the imperfect ones to continue killing ourselves to be perfect. ANYWAY, I doing this video and the next thing I see is this super tall, super skinny, super muscular blonde chicks things GIGGLE!! I thought I almost died doing the video...and not from the extreme heart rate I had. I could not believe it....her thighs GIGGLED! Is it bad of me that I almost wanted to cheer and cry out of complete joy that this should be perfect being is not sooooo perfect after all?

I just had to share this with the others who do or do not strive for the giggle free body.

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